Important information about allergy testing

Dr Rebecca Werther will perform allergy testing herself during the consultation, if clinically relevant.



Please read the important information below prior to your child’s appointment.



What is allergy testing?

  • Allergy testing, or skin-prick-testing, is used to identify the ‘likelihood’ of allergy to foods and environmental allergens. It does not correlate with severity of reactions.
  • If allergy testing may be helpful, Rebecca will explain this to you during the appointment and will perform the relevant tests herself.
  • Skin prick testing does not detect the cause of all allergic conditions.


How is skin prick testing performed?

  • Skin prick testing involves small pricks of the skin using lancets, known as Quintips, which feels like small scratches.
  • It can cause minor discomfort at the time but is generally fairly well tolerated. Young children will need to sit on the lap of a parent, with his/her back facing Rebecca.
  • The test itself takes only 1-2 minutes to perform, with results ready after 15 minutes.
  • Rebecca will then discuss the results and correlate them to the clinical history, with a copy of results provided for you to take home.



How to prepare for skin prick testing

  • Please stop all oral antihistamines 5 days prior to the consultation.
  • Patients do not have to stop nasal sprays or asthma medications.
  • If anti-histamines cannot be stopped due to severe symptoms, please contact the practice to discuss options.
  • Do not put any creams on your child’s back on the day of the appointment.



What to bring?

  • If testing may be required for fresh fruit/vegetables, seafood or ‘unusual’ foods, please bring clearly labelled samples in separate containers.
  • Rebecca has all common allergens, including cow’s milk, egg, sesame and nuts.
  • If unsure, please call the clinic prior to clarify if samples are needed.